Configure aws cli

The aws s3api is useful for doing advanced s3 operations, e.g. dealing with object versions. The following explains how to set this up with our endpoint.

Setting up aws

All of the information required to set up aws-cli can be found in the existing .s3cfg file used when using S3.

$> yum install awscli 
$> aws configure
AWS Access Key ID [None]: <your access key> 
AWS Secret Access Key [None]: <your secret key>
Default region name [None]:
Default output format [None]:


$> aws --endpoint-url= s3api list-buckets
  "Buckets": [
         "Name": <bucket1>,
         "CreationDate": <timestamp> 
   "Owner": {
        "DisplayName": <owner>,
        "ID": <owner id>


Delete all object versions

We provide here a script to help user make sure all versions of their objects are deleted.


$> ./ -b <bucket> [-f]
   -b: bucket name to be cleaned up
   -f: if omitted, the script will simply display a summary of actions. Add -f to execute them. 

Useful links

AWS reference manual

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